moving on
Five-Track EP

The songs are from all over the place.
I came up with the riff for "It Isn't You" on a ukulele, lying in a hammock while in Kauai, about 1999.

I wrote "Virginia" in half an hour while spending xmas at my sister's house. I love how Shaun's bass adds credential to my untrained efforts.
Friends was recorded in Tony's garage studio in Taos, New Mexico with my great friends Tony, Ted, and Dana, aka The Reverends.
I recorded "Moving On" in that same garage - alone in the small hours after everyone had left.
“What More…” is recent; I only finished the lyrics a few weeks before this release.
The photograph on the front was taken through my car window on the way to The Gorge Bridge, Taos, shortly before
leaving my home there - probably for the last time.

The back photo is of the Taos Mountain.

1. It Isn't You 
2. Virginia

3. Friends
4. What More Do We Know?
5. Moving On

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